Church Planting & Revitalization

The overiding goal of the NCC is to plant or revitalize Spirit-filled, culturally relevant, Free Methodist Churches. Large-scale plants, house churches, coffee house gatherings, work-place networks... wherever gospel seeds take root and grow.

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Primary Strategy

Identify, recruit, train, deploy and resource boldly apostolic leaders connected to local communities with a heart for establishing and multiplying churches.

  • 2013: Rey de Gloria, Columbus City, IA – Pastor Uriel Duran

  • 2015: Procesos en Cristo, Coon Rapids, MN – Pastor Miguel Santamaria

  • 2016: Fargo, ND Nepali – Pastor Padreep

The North Central Conference accepts a sustained 5% attendance growth over two years after a church had been plateaued or in decline as evidence of revitalization. Health is the goal, therefore, we desire a church with leadership and a majority of the congregation which embraces a well-defined process and plan toward developing the practices that lead to the marks of a healthy church.

Primary Strategy

We will raise up godly and competent leaders who support our vision and passionately make disciples. We will identify these leaders within our churches and provide opportunities for recruitment, internship and service.

We will work to improve the health of every local church by creating measurable expectations and regular assessments. We will create and utilize training materials that focus on church health.

We will place the same priority on discipleship and service as we do on our services of worship. By valuing and measuring holiness, service and obedience, we will increase the fruitfulness of the good news in our communities.

We will increase the global and local influence of our churches by encouraging engagement with worldwide ministries and helping churches to better impact their communities.

We will increase the number of growing and fruitful Free Methodist churches by encouraging and aiding successful leaders and their ministries. We will tell the story of these ministries to the rest of the denomination.

Mark Phillips directs Church Revitalization